HP LaserJet 1020 in OSX Yosemite

As the years roll on, our older equipment seems to get forgotten very quickly when we start to upgrade our operating systems and hardware. One such casualty in this war was my old HP LaserJet 1010 USB Printer, when I upgraded to Snow Leopard on my iMac. To cut a long story short, I gave up trying and bought a Kodak Multifunction printer and placed my working but tired old laser into the loft.

Go forward a few years and I face the same scenario… I upgraded to OS X Yosemite and then find my Kodak printer no longer works with it! ARGH! I’m stuck and unable to print, what do I do other than wait for Kodak to release updated rovers or buy a new printer?

My good quality Scottish blood made me see sense and I decided to wait for an updated driver rather than spend more money on something new.. but I still had to get stuff printed eventually and it just kept niggling away at me until I suddenly remembered my old Laser in the loft!

Surely, there would be a driver available now for this printer under Yosemite? There had to be!
So, up to the loft, I drag it down, emptied out 6 dead spiders a rather weird bug and something that I could not figure out at all…  plugged it in, went to add the printer, and…… nothing…… absolutely nothing….

I did what any sane person would do, I gave the computer desk a good kick, uttered some oaths to the gods and went outside to calm down for a bit!

On my return, I did a LOT of searching online but could find nothing at all about anyone stupid enough to want their old HP LaserJet 1020 to work under OS X Yosemite.

By chance, while searching through the Apple support site I came across this link to some HP Printer Drivers V3.0 for OS X with a post date of…. September 30th 2014! This stated that the drivers here are for OS X Lion or later! Now, why I could not find this link years ago I have no idea, but I decided to download the drivers anyway and see what would happen.

Laserjet icon

I installed the drivers, plugged in my aged HP LaserJet 1020 and checked the printer settings.

The printer showed up as expected…. I clicked on the printer…..


And straight away I’m told that the printer driver is not available from Apple, so I crossed a few things and clicked on the Choose Driver, Select Software option to see what would appear.


At the top of the list was the closet driver to the printer, the LaserJet 1022, so I installed that and held my breath!


The printer appeared! I did a test print….. waited….. and it worked! Absolutely perfectly!

Maybe this problem was sorted years ago, but in all of the searches I did online I could find nothing about this, so I was assuming that people like me, had given up and moved on to better things.

If this bit of news helps anyone out then I’m glad, as it’s about time we had more use and a longer use out of our perfectly good working equipment for many, many years to come!


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  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
    worked for my newly purchased HP 1020 Plus printer with Yosemite.
    Had been struggling for hours and your blog saved me!

    • Great! I’m glad this helped you out. Frustrating is a mild word I’d use for getting this great printer to work, but at least now I have the perfect solution until I get working drivers for my Kodak Multi-Function printer!

  2. Great! Thank a lot!

    • Glad it’s been of help!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. Fantastic! Thank you; was worried that my old faithful 1020 was going to have to be retired…this worked well

  5. My HP LaserJet 4610n is supposed to be supported by that driver, but it’s not. I still have hope a compatible driver will be provided…


    • Not a problem! It seems to be a life saver for so many now!!!! Im just glad its helped so many people out!

  7. Saved me

  8. Saved me too!!! All the way in southern California- thanks a lot!!!

    • It’s clear I’m making the world a happier place for all of us 1020 owners!!!
      Thanks for the comment and feedback, very much appreciated!

      • You know what’s so funny about this? I got this printer for free from a prior owner who probably thought he could never get it to print again. We knew better! 😉 Awesome!

        • 🙂 Yes I was nearly one of those people as well…. Thankfully I held on and as they say.. the rest is history!

  9. Nice!!! My old 1020 is compact, prints great and just keeps going. Now it’s not a doorstop. Thank you.

    • There is a sense of satisfaction when you can get the older equipment to keep working, I just wish companies would stop making it so difficult for us all at times! Thanks for he feedback!

  10. Your Blog really helped us to setup HP Laserjet 1020. This was really helpful. Thank you for sharing your tip and trick otherwise I would have given up long on this printer.

  11. I’m throwing my thanks in as well! Did everything you suggested and worked like a charm. For our business when we’re touring a lot, the HP is really a handy and simple printer. Thanks for taking the time to post this! Chris – from Australia!

  12. Thank you so much! It worked for me today too! Regards from Brazil!

  13. Much obliged, Sir. Thank you for your great tutorial.

    Dan, Romania

  14. Great find! the Laserjet 1022 is basically the exact same printer, but marketed as Mac compatible and network capable. Thanks for your post! My Laserjet 1020 is still going strong and I have no intention to replace it.

  15. Thanks a ton Mate. It work perfectly Alright.

    You help me saved my time.

  16. Much gratitude from Finland for this tip! Got my 1020 working perfectly. Thanks for sharing this info with us.

  17. happy to c old with new, thanks to get them together. God bless u.

    • I have updated the link to Apple’s site, as it appears they changed some settings, so its now available to one and all yet again.

  18. Thank you, so much. You helped me.

  19. the 1022 1.6.0 was already in my drivers list so I selected it and YES it works once again 🙂 Thanks for the extended ‘ walk thru’

  20. Fantastic!
    My hero Scotsman. People like you make people like me believe in this world again.
    Have a second office in the Swedish woods, where my 1020 resides. She sends you a great hug!

  21. Thank you very much you provide me solution i

    How can i say thanks you i cant describe i am so happy with your solution

  22. Thank you Gordon, and all the other guys who posted as I read the thread all the way down. I am installing HP 1020 now. – From the Philippines, Marga

  23. These are a great printer so your post has ensured that I do not have to buy another such printer and dump this one – thanks

  24. Thanks man.I really appreciate

  25. Thanks for this – really saved me as it even works for our old LaserJet 1018. It was ridiculous to have had to even consider binning a perfectly good – end very economical – printer just cos I bought a Mac.
    Thanks again, from London, England

    • Thanks for the feedback Martin, very much appreciated!
      It’s just incredible how difficult it appears to have been to get a solution this this printer problem, when there should not have been a problem in the first place!

  26. Thank you for your brilliant and invaluable post, with those extremely helpful screen shots. I had exactly the same problem — a problem no more! Cheers.

  27. You’re an absolute champ! My neighbour threw out their perfectly functional 1020 (likely due to the software issue) and I followed your excellent instructions above. I now have a free, superb printer.

    • Saving the planet! Saving money! What more can you ask for!!!!!

  28. You Rock!!!
    Finally I can use my old and good 1020 printer. ThanX

  29. Thank you so much for sharing this! It worked perfectly thanks to your brilliant explanations! Awesome!

  30. is it possible to clear my mac from another 400MB of useless drivers?
    thx a lot

  31. I just purchased this printer from a local goodwill for $9.00. I was a little worried about this printer being compatible with Yosemite, but this saved me! I have this printer at work and really wanted one for home and now I got one.

    • That has to be a MAJOR BARGAIN now!!!!
      Glad it’s helped you out!

  32. Though the drivers have update the advice and the link is perfect! Thanks for putting this out there…

  33. Brilliant. I struggled until I read the link to delete the default driver and replace it. SO pleased I didn’t throw away my little gem 1020 lacerate – such a good printer. THANK YOU

    • I’m glad you are now fully operational! It’s too good a printer to ignore!

  34. Thank you – it saved my day 🙂

  35. Thanks!! 🙂

  36. thank you so much for this post!!!!! i was almost thinking about returning the printer 🙁
    god bless!

  37. After getting my old Mac stolen, it was a heartbreak to see my trusty HP LaserJet would have to be replaced, too. But you saved it! Thanks for not only saving us money and frustration, but keeping a good printer out of the landfill.

  38. Yay, thank you so much for this post! I’m glad to have my trusty printer up and running in combination with my new Mac!

  39. Thank you so much! I got this printer for 7.99 at the local goodwill and couldn’t use it because it wasn’t compatible. As a student I didn’t want to have to go out and purchase a new one.

    Your advice and instructions saved me!

  40. you rock! thanks for the heads up.

  41. You saved me from spending a lot of money to buy another printer. Thanks so much for posting this valuable info!

  42. Thank you so very much !!

  43. Thank you very much! Such a useful article!

  44. Appreciated much your effort in posting this info. I recently purchased my iMac 27 but had printer a yr ago, I register to apple my request/concern & provided my number but no response from them. Thanks very much!

  45. You are a star! This worked perfectly and saved us money and aggravation! Thank you

  46. Saved me! Thanks!

  47. Many, many thanks for taking the trouble to post this info. I was given this printer and was begining to think it was a white elephant.

    • We should all makes sure that no matter what OS is updated, drivers can still work for the usable hardware out there!

  48. Thank you for saving my dependable old HP1020 printer to work with my MacBook Yosemite!!

  49. Thanks a million

  50. Thanks. My old HP 1020 work on El Capitan:-)

    • Great isn’t it! All old gear should just work!!!!!

    • I have just bought a MacPro and software is El-Capitan, but I cannot add my HP Laserjet 1020 as the only options are HP DeskJet series and HP LaserJet series PCL4/5 and neither of these work, could you please let me know how you added these, as the message I am getting is the driver is only available from the manufacturer. Thanks.

    • Success! thought I would share, as I am new to a Mac PC this is all new to me. HP had a link to Apple site for HP printer drivers for OS X Lion and later when I searched for HP LaserJet 1020, on the Apple site under “HP Printer Drivers v3.1 for OS X” was a download button, after the seamless download (although it did download lots of other HP drivers) I selected the compatible print driver for LaserJet 1022 which was mentioned in one of the earlier posts, this works perfectly. Grateful for the information on this thread, which helped enormously.

  51. Has anyone figured out how to enable the printer feature of print both sides with the HP 1022 driver set? Seems like a waste of paper and time to not have that feature of the original driver set working. Likewise, print page selection by range. It is probably something simple but i am confounded.

  52. Yes! Saved my week! Thanks, worked for me as well!

  53. The LaserJet 1022 driver didn’t appear at the top of the search box for me. So I typed in “1022” instead, that found it. Got my 1020 working now. One thing that would be nice is not having to install half a gig of drivers, just to get at the one! Wonder if there’s some way to just get the 1022 to install. Thanks again!

    • As long as the driver works…. I’m happy to have a bit of junk installed also, though it would be nice to save a little bit of space!

  54. Works, thanks! (OSX 10.11 El Capitan + HP Laserjet 1022)

  55. Thanks! Work in one single motion…
    I just love that new thing called “being smart and sharing it”.

    Thank again Gordon.

  56. Thanks a lot dear.
    May the Almighty bless you and ease your matters as you helped me in my problem.
    Have a great day.

  57. many thanks – saved my venerable laser jet printer from the scrap heap. Thank you for sharing.

  58. Awesome, thank you Gordon – it’s nuts how commercial forces try to oblige us to waste so much through unnecessary obsolecence, so really glad to have been able to avoid it this time thanks to your help.
    Best and thanks from Cambridge, UK

    • The Scots blood in me always has me seeking ways to keep the old stuff functioning when it does things well!

  59. Santa just delivered an iMac with OS X El Capitan 10.11 (Late 2015) and sadly, the 1020/1022 drivers don’t seem to be working…i really hate to part with a perfectly good printer, so i’ll wait for updated drivers. Perhaps this OS is too new yet for existing drivers. Thanks for your help, though.

    • That’s weird as I’m running El Capitan here and the printer is working fine!
      I’ll uninstall and reinstall mine as a test but don’t think there will be any problems….. Touch wood!

  60. Thank You very much.
    I was going through internet trying to download drivers.. but your post was the most helpful 😀

  61. Thanks for your post,

    Like you I got it working in Yosemite (Macbook Pro) but it stopped working after I upgraded to El Capitan.
    I tried your procedure with HP Printer Drivers 3.1 which uses HP LaserJet 1022, 1.6.1 (not 1.6.0 as you used). But it doesn’t work. I’m thinking I might have some strange issues with USB ports that’s causing the problem. My /var/log/system file shows the following when I attach the printer:

    kernel[0]: 005846.084549 HP LaserJet 1020@14200000: AppleUSBDevice::ResetDevice:

    Then the following shows up repeatedly.

    SPUSBDevice: IOServiceGetMatchingService did not return anything for location 0x14200000

    Appreciate any insight. It’s frustrating to think that I can’t use a perfectly functional printer.

    • I know this may be a silly question, but have you tried to insert the USB cable into another USB port, just to rule that out? Also make are no other USB devices attached as you do this and see what happens?
      I’m running OSX El Capitan 10.11.2 with HP Driver HP LaserJet 1022, 1.6.1 and it just works fine….
      I have did some searching online regarding your errors at zero information shows up, so clearly whatever the issue is, it’s not wide-spread…
      Try the suggestion above and see if there is any difference at all and let me know!

      • Thanks for your reply. I have the same OS version and driver version selected as you. Indeed I tried different ports and removing all other USB devices too (I know the behaviour you’re talking about—so not silly at all). But that doesn’t seem to help. I don’t know whether it makes a difference, but I run VMWare Fusion (VMs sometimes grab the USB device and prevent the HOST machine from accessing the printer). But I’ve been careful to prevent that from happening (disallowing and even shutting down VMWare/VMs). Perhaps there are VMWare services still running that might be interfering.

        I also did further research on the IOServiceGetMatchingService() call and it looks like it’s related to device or driver dictionary lookups (and failing to find what it’s looking for).

        I will investigate further and let you know if I find anything new.

  62. Thank you very much !!

    • Runs perfect El Capitan 10.11.2

  63. Thank you so much…Very useful.

  64. Thanks Gordon, had them on my home mac, now found thank to You even for work one

  65. This is brilliant. Thanks! I just used to get my HP 1020 working with a brand new iMac running El Capitan.

    This article helped 200% more than a 45 min call with Apple Care.

  66. Geez I just bought my 1020 in 2007! and never even gave a thought that it wouldn’t work with my new Mac. Thanks for your informative post and I am quite happy that my “old” printer still works just as well as it did in 2007

  67. Wow thank you so much Mr Keenan. You saved my day here. No idea why it’s not printing today and saw your article standing out in google. I’m sure, including me, a lot of people really appreciate your effort posting the solution for this non-sense issue.

  68. Thank you, thank you!! Works great. Saved me a lot of time today and definitely lots more time going forward!

  69. Yahoo! It worked for me too…thanks so much!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  70. saved me, it works , 3q!!!!!

  71. Yes it worked out for me too!

  72. Worked perfectly! Thanks a lot

  73. THANK YOU!!!

    I started my business on that HP 1020, it’s like R2D2 for me! Old clunky, but faithful!

    Now it works, thanks to you! God bless you!

    • The oldies are the best I say! The feeling of satisfaction that something this old can still do as good a job today as it’s always done… well…

  74. Hi,
    Could you please tell me how to enable the manual duplex printing on OS X El Capitan. I used to print with manual duplex mode on my Windows PC but cant find that option in OS X. 🙁

    • You could set the printer to do odd pages first, then re-insert them and then print the even pages?
      When you go to the printing stage of your document, click on pages to print (its set to all pages by default) and choose odd/even instead.
      When you go into the presents for this driver, there does not seem to be the same options as you would have on a windows based PC.

  75. Thanks mate, this worked a treat. I love my old HP1020 works like dream and toner is cheap as well.

  76. Hello Gordon,
    I have El Capitan 10.11.3 and downloaded HP LaserJet 1022 version 1.6.1 (via link you provided) and it does just not work. Used this oldie but goodie for a decade now, works perfectly for the occasional printing i do. Really dont want to buy a new printer if at all possible.
    Would you have any further suggestions or trouble shooting i can do?
    Greets, Stefan

    • Gordon, i also downloaded HP Printer Driver pakcage V3.0 as i thought maybe it would have version 1.6.0 listed (since you use that sucessfully with El Capitan). So i deleted V3.1 from finder but the 1022 driver listed in V3.0 is also 1.6.1. …..

      • Gordon, would you have any suggestions please? I am running Parallels and it prints via Windows obviously but i would like to get it working for all print jobs (via Mac and Windows). I am out of options…..

        • Stefan, I too have Parallels running on my iMac and the printing side works perfectly ok for Windows 7 (V10) and Windows 10, so I’m not too sure what issue you are having? A test print gives me the information of: Printer Name: HP Laserjet 1020 : Printer Model: HP Color Laserjet 2800 Series PS : Driver Name: PSCRIPT5.DLL : Data File: HPMCPD25.PPD – Config File: PS5UI.dll – Driver Version: 6.00 : Windows 64.

          • Hello Gordon,

            When i open a page on the Mac side (Office for Mac, Safari, etc) it wont print as the printer was not recognized. Windows 7 side works fine. The only difference i see between your setup and mine is that my El Capitan version is 10.11.3 and that driver 1.6.1 (version 1.6.0 is not around anymore it seems). Would that be reason i cant print on the Mac side?
            Best regards,

          • Hi Stefan,
            I am running El Capitan V10.11.3 with the HP LaserJet 1022 1.6.1 driver, so I don’t know why you would be having issues… When you install the printer, I assume it appears in your printer section but when you print, nothing is going to the printer side? It’s strange that most people seem to have no problems getting this printer working to work one they install the driver, yet there do appear to be issues on other systems…. I’ll remove my driver and redo fresh and see if there are any problems encountered, but I don’t see why there would be any….

  77. Dear Gordon,

    Correct, i can install it with the driver 1.6.1 and it shows up on the printer list. When printing it tells me first “printing” then shortly thereafter “waiting for printer to become available” appears. I also find it strange. I removed printer and tried several times, restarted PC (old Microsoft habit i guess). That is only on the Mac side. On the Windows side i can print. At least i can print but as you know too more and more you just print out from the Mac side. I feel a bit like an id….t now. I just want to join all those happy folks above and give a Yippee comment……frustrating………thanks for staying with me on this. I talked to Apple, they remotely logged in, they tried less or the same and said ” its outdated, get a new printer” .. 🙁
    Any more suggestions or somebody that would log in remotely?

    • Dear Stefan,

      I hit the trouble like you with my OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 and driver 1.6.1. I also do all things that you have done too. And finally, I found out how to solve my case. I happy to share my story with you and hope that yours will be solved too.

      I’m disappointed after a whole day long through trying in hopeless. Before giving up, I tried the last once to un-intall all printing driver that I had set on my Mac up. Including Canon LBP 2900, Mac_Cap_V367, and HP LJ 1020.
      I got double fingers click on every single file in my library and opened it with Disk Utility. Then I dragged it from the list on the left to the destination field. File by file until the last one. After that, I restarted my PC one again, plugged in my HP LJ 1020, added printer 1.6.1 in the list and tried to print a page the last once. You know what, the miracle was happen, now I can print by my printer

      Hope you to get success with it.

  78. Thank you dear Gordon.

  79. Dear Duy,

    thank you for trying to help out here. I did not quite understand what you meant with clicking on every file (where) and to open with Disk Utility.

    GORDON: i have had an interesting experience today. I am now printing!!…I have a 1015 Laserjet and the system found it immediatly without installing, however, the same symptoms with saying ” printing” then after while “waiting for printer to become availabe” eventhough in system preferences > printers / displays the printer shows up with a green light…..so no difference so far. Here is the cracker: WHEN SWITCHING OFF Parallels i can print from the Mac side. The printers are also recognized on the Windows side so i can print from that platform also. So in short, i believe it has something to do with Parallels. I dont know why i did not figure that out earlier, I spent a lot of time but the fazit: Laserjet 1020 works! (Just have to switch OFF Parallels each time).

    Thank you all for your help and happy 1020 printing.

    • Glad to know its all working now! But there you go… sometimes you have to look away from the printer side and to what may be latching into it elsewhere! This may be great help to others so thanks for letting everyone know how you got on.

  80. Gordon, i guess so. Since you are also running Parallels: Do you have to turn off Parallels in order to print from the Mac side? Printing from Windows side works fine when Parallels is ON. Just wondering.

    • I just did a test print on the Parallels Windows 7 side there, printed fine… While running it I also printed on the Mac side…. and that too printed fine! So.. clearly there is something on your system that is causing this problem… the annoying part is…. what is it that is causing the problem!!!!!

  81. Thank You your blog did help me.

    Thanks a lot

  82. I have two different kinds of situation: a) it says ready to print but doesn’t print or b) says: Arrêté – Echec de «Filter», in english: stopped – Failed of «Filter». I use El Capitan 10.11, HP LaserJet 1020, 1.6.1. What do I have to do ?

  83. Thank You very very much. At first it didn’t functioned. After having updated the software of my Mac (El Capitan 10.11.3) my HP LaserJet 1020 works perfectly.

  84. It worked! Glad I didn’t have to give up the old 1020 workhorse! THANKS!

  85. It worked!!! Thank you so much!!!

  86. Good job!
    I’ve also come to same result as you by myself. They should continue to support an old but a perfect printer (HP LaserJet 1020). Even they should find some way to attach these printers to the home wifi network 😉

  87. Thank You so much for Your clear instructions to get back my Laserjet 1020!

  88. Brilliant, thanks so much

  89. Thanks Gordon – your post is still helping us! Just helped me solve a problem in less than 5 mins that also has been a frustrating issue of searching and searching for three to four years.

    • I always think it’s great when you have a solution that helps someone out! I just with the amount of dross out there that doe snot help any of us would go way! Glad I’ve helped you out!

  90. You just saved my thesis.

  91. I was searching for a “needle in a haystack” until I came across your post.

    A huge THANK YOU Gordon. Saved me so much time.

  92. Thanks to all of you! I have managed to get my HP 1020 working on my Apple El Capitan. I am no geek and had all but given up hope until I found your site and began reading all the posts. You all saved me a lot of money and frustration.

  93. Im downloading driver, if it work i pray you it was like death to me

  94. Thanks!!!

  95. Good Stuff!

  96. Still works!! Thank you so so so much!

  97. Thank you it works

  98. The world would be a better place if we work together this way. Thanks a million gordon.

  99. Thank you very much, I found the software through another page but your step-by-step explanation worked wonders for me, still IN SEPTEMBER 2016. Really appreciate your help.

  100. Thank you very much!!! I followed your step by step instructions and it worked at once. Elisabetta from Italy

  101. Thanks so much! I followed tour step by step instructions and it worked at once. Elisabetta from Italy

  102. Hello teacher,
    Wonderful. I am windows user. I bought this Macbook Pro as it is so good that I decided I will start using Apple. I did have any idea how to work on Macbook. My daughter is teaching me. When I could not find mac os driver for my HP Laserjet 1020 I was very sad that I wouldn’t be able to use my printer and I have to buy printer again. That was my sad story until I found you post and that helped me to get my Macbook connected with my HP 1020 model and it is working perfectly.
    Thank you so much dude. God bless you.


  103. Thank you it took a while but we got there in the end.

  104. Hi!

    Does anyone know fi this will work with Sierra? I love my HP1020 and don’t want to retire it.

    • Works perfectly fine, as I just did a fresh install on a laptop for another user!

  105. Yes, it is work perfectly with macOS Sierra.

    Thank you Gordon

  106. I have just bought a brand new iMac with Sierra as the operating system. Printer working fine. Now almost 10 years old, and retirement delayed. Thank you…. I’m quite tech phobic and even I managed it.

  107. Thank You!!!!!!

  108. Thank you Gordon! Your post is still helping folks!

  109. WOOHOO!! I am not so tech inclined, and I almost gave up. Then your blog appeared and parted the clouds to the heavens 🙂 Don’t know what I would have done without this – thanks so much!!

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