BT Infinity Broadband with Draytek Vigor2860VN-plus

Configuring your own router to be used with BT Infinity is pretty straight forward once you know what the basic settings should be, and that seems to be the problem most people are having… finding this out quickly and easily! This configuration is for the Draytek series of routers, so hopefully you can get up and running quickly now!




If you click on WAN / General Setup and select WAN1 you can configure the settings as shown above and below.

Display name can be anything you want it to be, DSL Mode: VDSL2 Only, DSL Modem Code: Default, VLAN Tag Insertion (VDSL2): Enabled, Tag Value 101.
Click OK when done.

If you go to WAN / Internet Access and select Details Page on the main screen you should configure the settings there as shown below.



The Blue Stars indicate the sections you should make the changes at. You will notice that the password for the ISP Access Setup is blank, this is correct and you should just ignore it. If you are trying this on a different brand of router, you may have to enter a password, and if that is the case, the word password should be used.

Once you have the settings in place, you should be online and no longer have to deal with a locked down BT Router!


Draytek Vigor 2860 Dashboard Screen

As you can see, when I grabbed this image this router had been running for a few hours, and at the time of writing this, it has been absolutely rock solid with great speeds!

If you have a similar product and have any questions about it or configuring it for broadband, please get in touch!


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  1. Very helpful, thank you. Do you know how to set up the same router as an extension to the 3cx VoIP phone system?

  2. You top top top top man thank you so much 🙂

  3. Good skills. Helped me out BIG time. Thank you.

  4. Do you know if you are also using the WAN2 Ethernet connection as well as the VDSL2 with BT Infinity, that the WAN2 details page should have the exact same settings configured. i.e. VLAN Tag 101, and ISP Access Setup Username and Password? Thanks

  5. Hi, I’ve followed your instructions but my download speed is much slower than before. I used to get around 50 but now only 20. Do you know of any reason why this would be the case?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. @NS
    You wouldn’t ordinarily use WAN1 and WAN2 at the same time unless you were using a fail-over configuration.
    WAN1 uses the built in VDSL modem and WAN2 would rely on a BT Openreach (or similar) modem connected via LAN4.

  7. Finally got working, thanks for your article

  8. Thank you for this, just the extra info I needed to get this working on a Sunday afternoon!

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